72493 Watkins® Thermistor, 3/8 Temp Sensor"

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72493 Watkins® Thermistor, 3/8 Temp Sensor"

Caldera® Spa Temperature Sensor 


  • For Advent control system

Product specifications:

  • 12" Cable Length

For the following models:

Hot Spot RLX 1999-2002
Hot Spot SLX 1999-2002
Hot Spot Relay 2010-Current
Hot Spot Rhythm 2010-Current
Hot Spot Tempo 2010-Current
Hot Spot SX 2011-Current
Hot Spot TX 2011-2015
Hot Spot Mallorca 2006-2009
Hot Spot Sorrento 2006-2009
Hot Spot La Palma 2008-2009
Hot Spot SLXtra 2001-2002
Hot Spot Tobago 2006-2009
Hot Spot Trinidad 2006-2009
Hot Spot RE 1999-2002
Hot Spot SE 1999-2000
Solana SX 2006-2010
Solana TX 2006-2010
Solana RX 2006-2009
Caldera Tahitian 2014-Current
Caldera Niagara 2014-Current
Caldera Geneva 2014-Current
Caldera Cantabria 2014-Current
Caldera Hawaiian 2002-2010
Caldera Kauai 2013-2015
Caldera Moorea 2006-2010
Caldera Salina 2011-2015
Caldera Makena 2013-2015
Caldera Martinique 2013-2015
Caldera Aspire 2004-2008
Caldera Palatino 2010-Current
Caldera Marino 2010-Current
Caldera Vanto 2011-Current
Caldera Aventine 2006-2015
Caldera Elation 2003-2010
Caldera Cumberland 2006-2009
Caldera Olympia 2006-2009
Caldera Tarino 2013-Current
Caldera C 30 2006-2009
Caldera San Gabriel 2008-2009
Caldera Oasis 2006-2009
Caldera C 45 2006-2009

SKU: 72493
MPN: 72493
Model: N/A
UPC: 652001000307
Manufacturer: Caldera® Spa
Warranty: 1 yr. (with manufacturer)
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