How Does a Hot Tub Filtration System Work?

How Does a Hot Tub Filtration System Work?

A relaxing soak in a hot tub is the perfect way to unwind. But what ensures that the water you're immersing yourself in remains crystal clear and clean? The answer lies in the hot tub's filtration system. 

Why Filtration is Crucial 

The primary role of your hot tub's filtration system is to circulate water, removing contaminants and keeping the water pristine. This, combined with the sanitizing agents or chemicals you introduce into the tub, ensures that your relaxation sessions are pleasurable and hygienic. 

Diving Deep: How the Filtration System Functions

Types of Filter Systems

Hot tubs employ filters to cleanse the water of dirt and other particulates. However, the filtering approach largely depends on the kind of filter used: 

  • Suction Type: The most prevalent filter type in modern hot tubs. Positioned on top for ease of access, these filters are generally larger and simpler to maintain. Yet, their efficiency demands regular maintenance. 
  • Pressure Type: While less common, pressure filters can still be found, especially in older tub models. The filter cartridge is typically smaller and enclosed in a canister, distinct from the skimmer. These filters can handle more pressure and need less frequent maintenance. However, when the time comes, upkeep might be a tad challenging. 
Which one to pick? 

Both filter types have their merits. It's essential to weigh whether you'd prefer regular but straightforward maintenance or less frequent but potentially complex maintenance. 

  • Filtration Cycles: This refers to the water volume traversing through the hot tub's filter. A noteworthy indicator of a hot tub's quality is its ability to pump a considerable amount of water through the filtration system, ensuring superior cleanliness. 
  • Circulation Pumps: Distinct from the primary pump and jets, circulation pumps operate continuously, pushing modest water volumes through the filter system. They work even when the primary system is inactive, preventing stagnant water and maintaining the tub's cleanliness. 
  • Control System: A control panel on the hot tub governs most filtration systems. This interface allows users to manipulate various tub features, including the filtration process. Depending on your hot tub model, you can control water flow, determine the volume of filtered water, or select presets based on the number of users. 

Putting It All Together 

So, how does everything fit into the puzzle? Essentially, the water in your hot tub is propelled by the jets and pumped through the filter, eliminating impurities. The efficiency of this process largely depends on the volume of water pushed through the system in a cycle, which is periodically regulated based on usage. The more thorough the cycle, the cleaner the water. 


Your hot tub's filtration system stands as a sentinel against contaminants. This makes its regular upkeep indispensable. With this foundational knowledge of your tub's filtration, you're better equipped to maintain its cleanliness, ensuring every soak is safe and satisfying.