How to Clean and Maintain Your Hot Tub Spa Jets

How to Clean and Maintain Your Hot Tub Spa Jets

Properly cleaning and  maintaining your hot tub’s spa jets can significantly enhance jet pressure, extend their lifespan, and improve your overall spa experience. Despite being  a straightforward task, jet maintenance is often overlooked. Even occasional care can restore your spa's hydrotherapy performance to its original state. Clean jets allow you to  adjust volume and pressure as intended, and rotating jets will function smoothly once again.

 Two main culprits usually reduce jet efficiency: sand, dirt or calcium and minerals. Fortunately, these can be removed  through a simple jet maintenance process. 

 1. Close the Jet

With the spa pumps off, turn the outer ring of the jet all the way to the left to close it. To remove the jet, turn it another 1/4 turn. For jets that are stuck, use a pair of rubber gloves  to get a good grip on the outer ring. Sometimes, you  may need to drain the water below the jets for better access. Occasionally, you might need to apply inward pressure before the final ¼ turn   similar to opening an aspirin bottle.


2. Soak the Jets

Once removed, soak the jets in a container filled with a 50/50 mixture of water and  white vinegar for 3-4 hours. Swirl the jets in the solution every hour to help loosen  sand and calcium deposits.


3. Rinse the Jets: 

After soaking, rinse the jets thoroughly  with fresh water from a hose or kitchen sink.


4. Check Jet Rotation:

Rotating jets should now spin like new. If they don't the bearings may be worn, and the entire jet assembly might need replacing.


5. Reinstall the Jets: 

To reinstall, insert the jet into the housing and rotate it to the right until it locks easily. Note that jets of the same size and style are often interchangeable, so you can place them wherever you prefer.

 Following this jet cleaning process can lead to longer jet life, better pressure, and a more enjoyable spa experience. Regular maintenance ensures your hot tub performs at its best, providing you with the relaxation and hydrotherapy benefits you expect.