How to replace a Spa and Hot Tub Heater Element

How to replace a Spa and Hot Tub Heater Element

If your spa or hot tub heater stops working, it's often due to a failed heating element. While this repair can be challenging, especially with certain heater models, it's possible to replace the element in heaters with nut and bolt connections. Here's a step-by-step guide:


1. Preparation:

- Turn off power at the circuit breaker.

- Close valves to isolate the heater or drain the spa if necessary.


2. Inspection:

- Check the heater canister for damage like corrosion, rust, or warping.

- Replace the entire heating assembly if significant damage is found.


3. Unthread Unions:

- Remove unions connecting the heater to plumbing, allowing water to drain.


4. Inspect Gaskets:

- Check and replace gaskets that seal the heater to plumbing if damaged.


5. Disconnect Electrical Connections:

- Remove electrical connections from the heating element, taking care not to damage them.


6. Loosen Element Posts:

- Loosen the 3/8” Hex Nut securing electrical wires or copper straps to the element posts.


7. Remove Element:

- Unscrew the ¾” Nut securing the element to the canister and carefully remove the element.


8. Prepare New Element:

- Lubricate new o-rings lightly and insert the new element into the canister.


9. Secure New Element:

- Install and tighten the nuts to secure the new element to the canister.


10. Reconnect Electrical Connections:

- Attach copper straps or wires to the element posts, ensuring they are secure.


11. Check Position and Sealing:

- Ensure the element is not touching the canister's sides and check for proper sealing.


12. Reinstall Gaskets and Unions:

- Lightly lubricate new union gaskets and reinstall them, avoiding overtightening.


13. Fill and Test:

- Fill the spa, check for leaks, and proceed with normal startup operations.


By following these steps carefully, you can replace a spa and hot tub heater heating element and ensure your spa functions efficiently.