Rotating a Hot Tub Pump Wet End

Rotating a Hot Tub Pump Wet End

Hot tub pumps are generally assembled by manufacturers in the most common wet-end rotation, then shipped to customers with that alignment. This means that the pump discharge being in the 12 o’clock upright position is how most pumps are shipped. Pumps are generally displayed in this position on the product page.

Rotating/clocking the spa pump wet end to line up with your plumbing is a simple procedure.

thru bolts

You will first need to locate your pump through-bolts, which are accessed on the back of the pump motor. These bolts run through the body of the motor and attach the spa “wet-end” (the part the connects to your plumbing) to the motor.  

Occasionally, there will be a metal or plastic cover on the back of the pump motor that you will need to remove to be able to loosen the pump through-bolts.

pump cover

Once you access the through-bolts you will unscrew the bolts and draw them back to make sure there is adequate space to rotate the wet end. Please note, that you will not need to completely remove the bolts.

Pull back on the wet-end (away from the pump motor) and then rotate it in the direction you need for it to line up with your plumbing orientation. There are usually 3 rotations the wet end can be clocked in for most spa pumps. Some wet-end manufacturers offer more clocking positions. 

Ensure that the wet end is lined up with the holes for the through-bolts, and reattach the wet end. Do not overtighten, as this can cause damage.

Once your pump wet-end is in the correct orientation, you are can reinstall the motor cover (if previously removed) and begin installing the spa pump into your spa.

Please email if you have any questions.