Wiring a Hot Tub Pump

Wiring a Hot Tub Pump

It is not common for a new spa pump to have operation issues upon installation. If you find that it does, the most common cause is due to improper wiring and installation. Please utilize the following installation techniques to ensure your replacement spa pump operates as intended.

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When you order a hot tub pump, there is a high likelihood that the new pump will not come with a pump cord. This is common among pump replacements. In this case, you would purchase a new amp cord or use your existing cord.


A spa pump is either one speed, which has 3 wires, or two speed, which has 4 wires. Each pump will have a sticker on its motor that displays a wiring diagram indicating the location to install each wire (high, low, neutral, ground)

pump wiring

To wire the pump, you will need to gain access to the motor connections on the back of the pump motor. There are a few different styles of motor covers that you will encounter. These need to be removed, as shown.

Most common pumps will utilize the same general wiring layout for pump cord connections. This is usually using the Red wire as the High Speed, the Black wire and the Low Speed, the White wire as the Common (Neutral) and the Green is always the ground. In the event that you notice your spa pump operating at high speed when it should operate at low speed, you will need to reverse the black and red wires on the pump or the spa circuit board to operate the speeds as intended.

pump wiring from back

If your existing spa pump was 1 speed only (and your pump cord is 1 speed) you can still use a two-speed pump as a replacement. To do this, you would wire the new two speed pump with the black wire of the pump cord to the High Side of the new pump (where Red would normally go) and wire the white and green the same (common and ground).  

one speed pump wiring