Questions and Answers When Buying a Used Hot Tub

Questions and Answers When Buying a Used Hot Tub

Buying a used hot tub instead of a new one can save thousands, but there are several factors to consider.

First, ask yourself:

Q. Do I have the proper electrical service or am I willing to pay to have it installed?

A. 240-volt hot tubs require their own GFCI sub-panel, usually a 50-amp service, but sometimes 40-amp, 30 amp, or a split 30/20 amp. If you do not currently have this, costs can range from several hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on many factors, including geography, current home electrical service, and spa manufacturer electrical requirements, among others. 120-volt spas can generally plug into a standard outlet, but the electric cost is usually significantly more to operate.

Q. Do I have a location that meets load and space requirements?

A. Hot tubs require a stable and well-supported base to rest on. This can include a concrete pad, a several inch thick level pea-stone pad, or other spa manufacturer recommendation base options. You should check the spa manufacturer requirements for guidelines on providing the spa with adequate support.

Q. Am I willing and prepared to do my own service or higher a service tech?

A. In most cases, a used spa will not include any kind of transferable warranty, even if the spa is a newer model. Most spa manufacturers only warranty the spa with the original owner and location of installation. Spa Parts Experts has all the needed service parts to get your used spa operating.

Questions to ask the Seller:

Q. What is the spa service history?

A. If the spa is several years old, it has likely undergone some kind of service. You may want to inquire with the seller about the history of this service so that you know which components may need inspection or replacement.

Q. Had the spa had any leaks?

A. It can be much easier to install new components like heaters, pumps, and control boards, than to locate and repair a leak. Consider a spa’s leak history before purchase.

Q. If in a colder climate, has the spa been used or winterized in the winter?

A. A spa that has ever frozen has a great risk of significant, difficult-to-repair leaking. This is an important fact to confirm.

These questions, among others, can help you be prepared for any issues you may encounter with a used spa, and decide if a used spa purchase is right for you. If you do purchase a used spa, Spa Part Experts will have all the service parts you'll need for any make or model. Please contact us for help with part recommendation, and installation advice.