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54003 Balboa® Generic Circuit Board, Duplex Digital (NLA)

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54003 Balboa Circuit Board Duplex Digital - (No longer Available)

Balboa® Circuit Board Duplex Digital


  • Chip Number: DIGDUPR1(x)

Product Specifications:

  • Phone Style Cable
  • 120V

This 54003 Balboa Duplex Digital M-1 Circuit Board works with any digital duplex top side. 

 Used in: (note the last digit or letter is the revision number shown in list as "*");

Alpine ALP50R1*, Aquatic 6300DR1*, Balboa DIGDUPR1*, Beachcomber Spas 2500ESR1*

Balboa's® 54003 Circuit Board Duplex Digital is also used to replace the following parts: 1900DR1*, 1900DR1*, 1900DR1*, 410ER1*, 50833, 51405, 51542, 51569, 51586, 51656, 611311, 9710-09, 09, BAL54003, BH50*, C11JDR1*, C11JDR1*, C2000R1*, DAK50R1*, DS50R1*, DYN100R1*, MAS125R1*, NOR124R1*, P295R1*, RET50R1*, SS23DR1*

VIK100R1*, ZX500DR1*


SKU: 54003
MPN: 54003
Model: Duplex
Manufacturer:Balboa Water Group®
Warranty: 1 yr. (with manufacturer)
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As with all electrical items once a balboa circuit board has been installed, we cannot take it back other than for manufacturer's warranty.

All our Balboa Circuit boards are new and carry a full manufacturer's warranty, unless fully noted. Be cautious when purchasing reconditioned boards that you think are new, if a price seems too good it is almost always a reconditioned board.

We have extensive experience with Balboa spa circuit boards and are always available to help.

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