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91041925 Aqua Flo® Wet end pump XP2e 56FR, 2.5 HP

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91041925 Aqua Flo® Wet end pump XP2e 56FR, 2.5 HP

Aqua-Flo® Wet End, FMXP2e, 2.5HP, SD, 56-Frame, 2"MBT


  • Discharge Location Side
  • Discharge Size 2" MBT

Product specifications:

  • Horsepower 2.5
  • Frame Size 56Y

Note: Measurement between the threaded brass inserts in the legs is exactly 4-1/8" center to center Inlet & Outlet measures 3 inches outside diameter

Note: There are two different 56 frame sizes in the FMXP2 series, 

Note: This wet end will not fit an LX motor.


317003 433278 5038-25 5121-9 674031 900120589 91041634 AF91041925000 and Nordic  .11040029

In 2012, the manufacturer changed the way Aquaflo pumps are rated. These pumps are now assigned both an operational horsepower (ohp), and a total horsepower (thp) rating. Previous versions of these pumps used only the operational horsepower. If you are replacing an older Aquaflo pump, be sure to match the operational hp rating rather than the total hp

SKU: 91041925
MPN: 91041925-000
Model: XP2e
UPC: 753610339748
Manufacturer: Gecko's
Warranty: 1 yr. (with manufacturer)
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