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985900 Balboa/Pentair® Jet Body, Cyclone Luxury, 3/8”B x 3/4”B

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985900 Balboa/Pentair® Jet Body, Cyclone Luxury, 3/8”B x 3/4”B

Balboa/Pentair® Jet Body, Cyclone Luxury,


  • Air and Water Port Type: Barb

Product Specifications:

  • Hole Size; 2-1/8"
  • Air and water Port Dimension: 3/4"
  • 3/8”B x 3/4”B

Replaces Artesian spa part 03-0300-03.

NOTE: Does not include back nut

This jet body offers maximum performance and flow rate from a single source, efficiently and quickly circulating water to create the perfect spa experience.

SKU: 985900
MPN: 985900
Model/Series: Cyclone Luxury
UPC: 637509153908
Manufacturer Balboa Water Group
Warranty by manufacturer
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