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54357 Balboa® VS501Z Circuit Board M7 | 54357-03

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54357 Balboa® VS501Z Circuit Board M7 | 54357-03

Circuit Board, Balboa, VS501Z, Duplex Digital,

54357 Balboa® spa circuit board for VS501Z series, M7 technology. This circuit board works with a variety of mini oval and lite deluxe topside panels. This board uses M7 technology so there is no pressure switch needed.

***Circuit boards are not "plug and play - they will require correct component voltage set-up and dipswitch configuration. Please follow the wiring schematics on the back side of the spa pack cover.***


  • CHIP: VS501Z
  • Circuit Board Model: PS6502B Series

Product Specifications:

  • 2 Speed Pump (120 or 240 volts)
  • 1 Speed Pump or A Blower (120 or 240 volts)
  • Circulation Pump (120V or 240V, if used a minimum of 30gpm is required for the heater)
  • Ozone (Voltage must match pump 1)
  • Light (12V)
  • Auxiliary Accessory

Notes: If running 2 pumps, total pump amps cannot exceed 12 amps each

This circuit board works with the following serial deluxe topside control panels (among others): 53646, 54094, 51676

Alternates: 54357-01, 54357-02, 54357-03, INF107

Replaces: 33-0032B-K 33-54357-K 330032B 54357 54357-01 54357-02 54357-03 54357- INF107R1A OS501ZR1A , SCS501R1A , VKV502R1 , VS240RR , VS501R1B , VS501ZR1 , VS501ZR2B

Also replaces: 167R1B , 301362 , 33-0032B , 33-0032B-K , 33-54357-K , 330032B , 54294-01 , 54357 ,54357-01 , 54357-02 , 54357-2, 623554, 9710-71, BB54357, GVS501R1A, INF107R1A, INFI07R1A, OS501ZR1A, SCS501R1A, VKV502R1, VS240RR, VS501R1B, VS501ZR1, VS501ZR2B,54357-04,54357-03,54357-02,54357-01.

Note: Control panels that work with this circuit board include Balboa 54094, 52144, 55049KIT and 51676 and others



Remember that it's very important that you don't order a circuit board based on looks (several boards look alike but have different software or chips).

As with all electrical items once a circuit board has been installed, we cannot take it back other than for manufacturer's warranty

SKU: 54357
MPN: 54357-03
Model: VS501Z
UPC: 0852673917235
Manufacturer: Balboa Water Group®
Warranty: 1 yr. (with manufacturer)
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As with all electrical items balboa circuit board cannot be returned other than for manufacturer's warranty exchange.

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