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G4154 Balboa® VS510S Control System, w/ 4.0kW Heater

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G4154 Balboa® VS510S Control System, w/ 4.0kW Heater 230VBalboa G4154 Spa Pack VS510SZ control box with circuit board and 4kW heater, 230V.

***Control Systems and circuit boards are not "plug and play" - they will require correct component voltage set-up and spa configuration. Please see the "Technical and Installation" below for more information. Please also follow the wiring schematics on the back side of the spa pack cover.***

Balboa ® Spa VS510SZ control box with circuit board and 4kW heater, 230V.

This VS510SZ Balboa® Control System (Generic), 230V Only (4-Wire) 4.0kW Heater, will run one 2-Speed Pump (Main Pump #1), one Single Speed (Pump #2), a blower, a 24 hr. circulation pump, ozone, and light.


  • Runs 2-Speed pumps (x2), a blower (120/240V), ozone (120/240V), and light (12V).
  • System Voltage: 230V (but input voltage can run 115/230V)
  • Circ Pump Ready (115/230V)
  • Heater: 1.0/4.0kW

Note: Spaside Control not included. See VL600S, VL700S, VL701S or VL702S control panel.

Product Specifications:

  • Pump #1 Circuit: 120V or 240, 2-Speed Pump, 12A (max)
  • Pump #2 Or Blower Circuit: 120V or 240V, Single Speed, 12A (max)
  • 24 hr. Circulating Pump Circuit: 120V or 240V, Continuous Circulation, 4A (max)
    • 23GPM & 1-1/2" plumbing minimum
  • Ozone Circuit: 120V or 240V (Must be same voltage as circulating pump, if selected), 1A (max)
  • Light Circuit: 12V , 12W (1A)
  • A/V (Stereo) Circuit: 120V – 2A (max)

Alternates: 54371HC3


SKU: G4154
MPN: G4154
Manufacturer: Balboa Water Group®
Warranty: 1 yr. (with manufacturer)
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