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Gecko YE5 Bundled system, BDLYE5K83OP w/ Topside and Cables

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BDLYE5K83OP w/ Upper Control and Cables complete control system with IN.K8-3OP Upper Control and Cables

***Control Systems and circuit boards are not "plug and play" - they will require correct component voltage set-up and spa configuration. Please see the "Technical and Installation" below for more information.***


  • YE5 control pack with heater
  • Keypad IN.K8-3OP
  • Adapter plate for keypad
  • Light and light cord
  • Dual speed amp cord
  • Single speed amp cord

Spa Control System Specs:

  • 120/240V convertible
  • 1.0/4.0 kw heater
  • Pump 1 - 1 speed or 2 speed
  • Pump 2- 1 speed or 2 speed
  • Pump 3/blower - 1 speed only
  • Circ pump - 120 or 240 Volts
  • Light - 12V
  • Ozone - 120 or 240 Volts

If using both ozone and circulation pump, you will need 9920-401369 harness:

Technical and Installation:

  1. Voltage Conversion with component wires is required (pack ships with components in the "N" 120V location, you will simply need to move these to L2 240V for 240 volt components.
  2. You will also need to select a configuration based on your spa components and how they operate. This is a simple process done with the control panel (see instructions)
  3. Please also follow wiring schematics on the back side of the spa pack cover. 

Important: YE5 Instructions

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