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45310 Leisure Time® Replenish Oxidizer Shock, 2 lbs.

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Leisure Time® Replenish Oxidizer Shock, 2lbs. | 45310

Replenish is the perfect oxidizer "shock" for spas and hot tubs using a mineral based system, such as Nature2. Replenish is buffer and combines powerful oxidizer with a small dose chlorine for shocking as well clarify. Replenish can be used with chlorine, bromine, and salt-based systems as well.

Size: 2 Lbs.

Dosage rate for Replenish: 1-1/2 oz per 300 gallons of water with the filtration pump on.

To adjust the flow of a waterway power storm massage spa jet simply turn the outside face.

SKU: 45310
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Manufacturer: Advantis® Technologies Inc. / Leisure Time