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X300010 Master Spas® Control Panel, 5-Btn, MAS470

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X300010 Master Spas® 5-Button Topside Control Panel MAS470 | No Overlay

Master Spas® Topside Control Panel MAS470, 5-Button (Jets 1, Jets 2, Light, Warm, Cool).


  • No. of Buttons: 5-Button
  • Oblong

Product specifications:

  • Buttons: Jets 1, Jets 2, Light, Warm, Cool
  • Length: 13.0"
  • Height: 2.50"
  • 8-Pin Phone Style Connector (RJ-11)
  • For 2 Pumps


Compatible with:

  • Down East Spas: 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 Westbrook 3, Providence 2, Cape Cod 2, Windsor 2, Concord, Exeter 2, Portsmouth 2, East Hampton 2, Exeter 3, Mystic, Manchester, Cape Cod 3, Cape Cod SE, Exeter SE, Westbrook SE, Windsor 3, Windsor SE, Portsmouth 3, Portsmouth SE, East Hampton SE, Windsor 3 STS, Windsor SE STS, Bar Harbor 110v, Newport, Bristol, Providence S, D-3000, D-2000, D-1000, Portsmouth 1, Exeter 1, D-5000 2, D-5000, D-4000 2, D-4000

SKU: X300010
MPN: X300010
Model: MAS470
Manufacturer: Master Spas®
Warranty with manufacturer
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