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Gecko Maelstrom 56 Frame 3.0 HP 230 Volt 2 Speed Pump 0800-390000

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This pump offers a cost-effective alternative while maintaining the same fit, form, and function. With a robust 3.0HP rating (equivalent to other pumps rated at 4.0HP), it provides reliable performance for your relaxation needs.

- Horsepower: 3.0HP
- Voltage: 230V
- Amps:
  - High Speed: 12.0 Amps
  - Low Speed: 3.5 Amps
- Frame Size: 56Y
- HZ Rating: 60
- Intake Size: 2" MBT (Measures 3" OD)
- Discharge Size: 2" MBT (Measures 3" OD)
- Flow Rate: 260 GPM
- Speeds: Dual Speed
- Includes: Pump cord (96" / AMP style connector), pump union tailpieces & gaskets
- Product Features:
  - Longer life capacitor with high temp rating up to 185°F
  - High ambient temperature run rated at 140°F
  - Maximum water temperature: 122°F
  - Sealed motor bearing
  - Energy-efficient low speed
  - Gecko high-quality "Universeal" shaft seal
  - Insulation class F thermally protected
  - Standard version includes plumbing tailpieces (2), three-wing nut drain plugs, 96" cord w/ AMP connector

Product Features:
- Longer Life Capacitor With High Temp Rating Up To 185°F
- High Ambient Temperature Run Rated at 140°F
- Maximum Water Temperature 122°F
- Sealed Motor Bearing
- Energy Efficient Low Speed
- Gecko High Quality "Universeal" Shaft Seal
- Insulation Class F Thermally Protected
- UL Approval E62386
- Standard Version Includes: Plumbing Tailpiece (2), Three Wing Nut Drain Plugs, 96" Cord w/ AMP Connector
- Two Year Warranty

 Substitutions For This Pump Model:
- Aqua-Flo 05334012-2040
- Waterway Executive 3721621-1D 

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MPN: 0800-39000

Technical and Installation: 

  • Pump is manufactured in the wet-end orientation shown, but you can simply rotate you wet end to match your spa plumbing, if needed.
  • Pump is manufactured without a pump amp cord. You will need to use your existing pump amp cord or purchase a new one. 
  • Please see How to Wire a Spa Pump to wire the pump amp cord. 

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